Learn Mode

First, you learn the definitions by revealing words one at a time from one half of each definition, the other being already visible. You can choose which half to slowly reveal and repeat the definitions as many times as you like.



Play Mode

When playing you will choose to be given either the first or second half of a definition, and you will have to supply the other half.

Dr. P will recognise alternative words and phrases within the framework of the definition, for example “a substance which” and “a chemical that” are both fine. There are many alternatives that Dr. P knows, but there could be others! If you use one of the Dr. P apps and you enter something that isn’t allowed, but you think it should be, you can get in touch. E-mail your alternative and if it is indeed allowable it will be added. As Dr. P checks for changes to the definitions regularly, you could see the result of your e-mail quickly!



Test Mode

Finally, you can take a test. Dr. P will ask for the definitions for up to 10 terms and then mark them. At the end, your score, errors and corrections will be shown.



Measuring your learning

Each term has a confidence score associated with it. The more you play (and get it right!), the more your confidence will increase. Different proportions of the confidence score come from playing the apps in each of the three possible ways, with Test Mode making the biggest contribution.

If you don’t play or test regularly, time will erode the confidence scores. Dr. P has this feature built-in as you need to know your definitions at the right time for the exam – it is no good knowing them months ahead, but then forgetting them! You can look at your scores by unit, topic, or individual term at any time.



Flexibility built-in

The apps allow you to choose your exam board, so that only the definitions relevant to you are selected and in play. The choice of definitions you are learning can also be further refined by paper and by topic, so you have full control of how much of your course you are working on at any one time.