Knowing your definitions is a good idea not only for the marks that are awarded directly for defining or explaining terminology which could be substantial - take a look at our analysis! But also, if you really understand what a scientific term means, then you are much more likely to successfully apply your knowledge in unfamiliar situations or in other contexts.

Scientific terms can be defined in many different ways, so it can be confusing to distinguish which ways are acceptable in an exam from those that are not. The definitions in each of the Dr. P apps have been written as concisely as possible by experienced subject-specialist teachers, ensuring that they satisfy the precision examiners demand when asking about terminology.


About Us

The Dr. P apps have been conceived by Ezi Williams, who has also written the Chemistry content. Biology content has been written by Judith Marrinan and Physics content has been written by Simon Petts. Programming has been provided by Oxford App Studios.

Ezi Williams is a chemistry teacher with 18 years of teaching experience. She holds a First Class chemistry degree and PhD and won a national prize for the teaching of chemistry in 2003. Ezi worked for 14 years as a chemistry teacher in London before becoming an independent private tutor in 2010.

Judith Marrinan is a biology teacher with 26 years of experience in state, independent and international schools in the UK and Far East teaching GCSE, IGCSE and A level. She is current teaching in a school in the UK.

Simon Petts is currently Head of Physics at a Secondary School in the UK. He has taught Physics for over 20 years to A-level, been an examiner, and contributed to curriculum development for the OCR board.